Praise for Katherine’s Writing:

“The message of this book is precious, and it is delivered in a winsome and "real" manner. The quality of the writing is first rate. We laughed, and we cried, and we were greatly encouraged.” ~ Hugh A. Mitchell, review

“This story reads like the best roller coaster I have ever been on. I do enjoy the thrills. It had me hanging on to every word, crying, laughing, hoping, and over all beaming with joy. It took me back to the fluttering nerves of meeting a soon to be crush, and the heartbreaks when I was hoping for the wrong one.” ~ Mana, review

“In a world of make-believe, I enjoyed the authors approaching their story with such honesty. Rather than lay out a pattern of "do this and you'll be happy," they point to the Creator of happiness and share the brokenness of their own lives, and how He has woven them together beautifully …” ~ Mechanically, review

About The Author

Katherine Ladny Mitchell wrote her first literary work (bound with rainbow-colored shoelaces) at age seven. Decades later, she still delights in weaving words together to craft intriguing, uplifting stories — often with the aid of caffeinated tea.

A graduate of Covenant College with a B.A. in Sociology, Katherine has freelanced for years with narratives and articles in Tea Time Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Love is a Verb Devotional, and a local Chattanooga health magazine. She's also authored narrative nonfiction and children’s picture books available on (all ranked 4.2 stars or higher) and recently signed a book contract for two murder mysteries with Bandersnatch Books releasing in 2025!

​When she's not writing, you can find Katherine singing and tap dancing, taking tea with her husband, caring for 50+ animals on her Tennessee homestead, and educating her five Mitchell munchkins. She also enjoys fire-breathing and fire poi-twirling on occasion — just to shake things up.

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Tea-loving storyteller, novelist, wife, and home-educating mother of five with a new homestead/petting zoo, and a wry sense of humor. I also occasionally breathe fire - just to shake things up.